Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sewing Sunday and Dollar Store Wednesday

Hi! Sorry I have been absent lately but I have a very good excuse, I was sewing. Son on thrifty find Friday I found some "fabric" at the thrift store, one bag was actually fabric and the other was linens like napkins. The dollar store Wednesday part of this is showing you for about a dollar you can get about a yard or more of fabric at the thrift store! Read on to find out how I used this in sewing.. 

 So on Sunday I knew I wanted to sew Kirsten's meet dress, only one problem, I didn't have enough fabric to make the dress. So then I opted to make an apron out of the fabric. Then on Monday because I had already printed out the pattern (I used Kirsten's pretty clothes here) I got some fabric from hobby lobby.  I decided I would use the solid pink and blue to make Kirsten's Apron Dress or otherwise known as Kirsten's Birthday dress. Then with the green fabric with white tulips I would make Kirsten's School Dress. Since then whenever I have gotten the chance I have been sewing, which is why I didn't post Sewing Sunday and Dollar Store Wednesday.  I first made the pink one and even though it is a little bit messed up I decided to keep it for now (because this is Kirsten's only clothes)  

 Coconut decided to photo-bomb some of the photo's, thank goodness he was groomed.
I also crocheted an apron and will eventually embroider flowers on it and maybe a pocket.  I am really excited to start adding to Kirsten's collection!  
That's all for now, 
             Polka Dot Bee


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