Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Review Tuesday

Hello! This past weekend I decided I would take pictures for a review! It feels so long since I was able to post a Review Tuesday, it was sorely missed! This review is probably something you would not expect... An OG item.  
While I was searching for the elusive Our Generation It Seams Perfect (the new sewing set!) which ultimately failed, (I will keep trying!) I was determined not to go without getting something and the "I Spot a Birdie" set followed me home ;) 
This set retails for (I think?) $8  
This set is not available on Target as of today.

I think the notebook is just so cute!On the front a bird (of course!) cartoon rests on a pencil branch with the words "My Notebook." 
The notebook has a real metal ring! On the back is the OG logo.  
The realistic proportions and quality give this notebook an A+. 

Accurately sized writing utensils are sparse in my dolls house ;) So this pencil is great! The paint job was done really well and the pencil can balance! (Even better than some of my dolls...)

I think this, along with the binoculars, really makes or breaks this set. Whoever is the graphic designer for OG really made this look awesome! Again, I really love the detail, no complaints here!

Oh the fanny pack... if I were to ever get my dolls a fanny pack I would have to pick this one, I really love the chevron print. The fanny pack fits pretty well on an AG doll just not with bulky clothing on. It can fit the pencil but the notebook does not fit. The bird seed can also fit but it's really hard to zip back up, and I really didn't want the zipper to break. I love the metal zipper (although the teeth that actually zip up are plastic) and the buckle is made pretty well. 



To tell you the truth I would buy this set just for the binoculars and the cute little jar of bird seed. I love the color and how well made this is! Although the camera doesn't pick this up as well, the main body also has silver sparkles embedded into it, I think this is a nice touch. One of my only complaints would be that the strings can easily untie and it's a challenge to tie them back, although very easy to remove if you want to. The lenses do not focus, I really didn't expect them to as this isn't a real set of binoculars!! The binoculars can lay almost flat or adjust them.  

In overview I am so impressed with this set, I think this is a perfect way to add a few awesome accessories for a great price. This was a great (and dangerous!) introduction to the world of OG.  
Lookout next week (around next Tuesday!) For some action with this set :)  
Thanks for looking!,  


  1. I just love the Our Generation stuff. They have more variety at a lower price than AG. (Though the quality is sometimes questionable.) I just don't like how hit-and-miss the stock is. Things do tend to prove themselves very elusive, don't they?

    1. I think it's so great to have another option and with the few recent releases I find myself liking OG more. I absolutely hate how they handle stock, if they were consistent throughout the stores (and on the website) people might actually be able to buy what they want!

  2. I feel like OG's quality has gone waaay up in the last few months. This set is excellent!

    1. Yes! I was pleasantly surprised at how nicely detailed everything was and the quality was great for the price.

  3. These are so cute! I love the pencil and notebook!

    1. They are!! Very important things to have for anything!

  4. That set is adorable! I've never seen it before. The birdseed- THE BIRDSEED!! So cute! ^_^

    1. Isn't it just super cute?!!! I just love it.


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