Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lindsey & Libby's Room Tour

Can you actually believe it? I set up the dollhouse and the pictures came out somewhat okay. Granted, it's only one room in the dollhouse that is at least *close* to being finished but it's a start :)
Here's Lindsey! She's either guarding her room or writing up a blog post for me ;)

I have no idea who get's the top or bottom bunk, the bedding is temporary as I still have to find motivation to start working on making mattresses,blankets and pillows for this room.  
The bedding is from the Bouquet Bed and Bedding and Tinkerbell is from the Disney Store!

The top bunk! As you can see the window paint is a little messy... I still have a lot of work to do! The book and both pillows were made by me :)

The suitcase fits perfectly under the bed, the doll bed someone was giving away so I got it for free! I don't know where they originally bought it from. 

Lindsey and her clipboard, this was supposed to be a great angle but the camera would not focus!  

Next to the bed is this cute bulletin board I found at the thrift store, almost a year ago! It has a few postcards from the Bouquet bed set until I make a few. 

I thought the AG desk and computer fits perfectly in this room, I  found it at a resale shop. The desk lamp was a dollar store find, I love this style, it reminds me of the Pixar logo!

I think this desk has the perfect space for a few extra items ^-^

A cute vase from the Bouquet nightstand (sense a trend here?) ;)

The Staples plastic caddy is the perfect size to hold a few AG magazines and a book. 

Stitch is currently residing in their room although whenever I get Charlotte's room together Stitch will move ;)
The ladder is just the right size for either Lindsey or Libby to climb up top. 

I guess that blog post won't be happening...

Rebecca visited after an outdoor photoshoot, Lindsey is currently trying to explain to her how to upload photos from a camera to a computer but Rebecca just can't understand being from 1914 and all ;) 

"It isn't rocket science!" Lindsey exclaims 
"What's a rocket?"  
I just realized I never gave you an overview of the whole room!  
Oh well, I will be updating this room close to Christmas when I decorate so I'll make sure to include one then :)   
Thanks for looking!, 
What kind of postcards or cards should I print out? 


  1. I LOVE their bedroom! The desk is so cute!

  2. Very cute! I have both of the Itty Bittys featured. :)

    1. Thanks! They are the best mini stuffed animal for dolls :)

  3. Great photos! I love the old school computer. The colors all seem to go really well together. I can't wait to see the Christmas photos!

    1. Thank you! The computer gives it such a realistic setting, decorating will be so much fun! I love decorating and mini decorations make it even better :)

  4. Cute! I love the room.

    The desk is perfect and I love stitch!

    1. Thanks! The desk and Stitch are one of my favorite pieces in this room ;)

  5. I love their room! It's so well decorated!! :)


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