Friday, July 31, 2015

Thrifty Find Friday

Hi! All the doll stuff I found last week will be split up into two posts, one today and the rest next Friday. While at a local resale shop I found an assortment of doll clothes from AG and off brand, it was so hard deciding which ones to buy but I ended up with this- 
Kailey's meet dress, red dress and sweater were $3.00 and the ballet shoes and gymnast shoes were $3.00 too. Only two of the items are AG, the blue dress and the white shoes, from the most recent Gymnastics outfit.  
Kirsten volunteered to model the finds ;) 
Kailey's meet dress is so cute! To me it was definitely worth paying $3 just for the dress. 

I think the shoes/slippers would make nice socks ;)
I was surprised when I tried this dress on Kirsten, it fits her really well and I think her white blouse would look nice under it for a school outfit. 

The Halloween sweater is really cute, it is short on the doll but I think it will be great for one of the dolls Halloween outfits. 
This next item may be the most exciting find that day, I was planning on ordering ballet shoes from eBay or Amazon for #61 for $7.00 or above so it was nice to find them for $3 with another pair of shoes. I was able to get the shoes on #61 but Kirsten's feet are too big. They are so adorable! 
Favorite thrifty find?
Thanks for looking!,  


  1. I love the red dress! You have the best luck at thrift shops!

  2. I love kailey's dress! The shades of fading blue/green and the embroidered flowers are so cute!

  3. the blue dress is so cute!!!! I can't wait to see what else you found.

  4. Great finds, I love the Halloween sweater!

  5. I love the ballet shoes! You found those items at great prices.


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