Friday, July 3, 2015

My Thoughts on Truly Me Release

Along with the Beforever Bedtime release Truly Me also received a lot of new items, which wasn't surprising after the launch that was very small.  
First up is the Recess Ready Outfit $30 
image credit American Girl 
The dress itself is a cute piece, with everything together it looks awkward. If you are going to put sneakers (high tops especially) with cropped legging the best way to make it work would be to add some socks, in this case it looks very weird together. I like the scarf but it would have looked better without the silver thread on the edges.  
Hairstyle Tools $20    

styling tools   
image credit American Girl   
I think the idea of this is great, most of the more recent hairstyling sets AG has released consist of ponytail holders and clips with a spraying bottle, this set is different and on trend. I don't know about you but a bun helper in bright pink is not the most useful or realistic item to buy unless your doll has pink hair ;) If you have ever used a bun helper (or whatever you want to call it) you might notice that they have different options for different hair colors because the purpose of this is to help create a great bun, but without knowing that you used one :) I have used a ponytail loop that easily gets lost and it is helpful but you can find one that is the same size for much cheaper. Still, great idea AG.   
Slow Cooker Dinner Set $58
image credit American Girl     
I was excited about this set before I even saw pictures! I love cooking and a doll sized crockpot?(Slow Cooker, but whatever) You bet I added this to my wishlist, hopefully in a year or two (who am I kidding?, probably a month) it will go on sale. And look! Two plates! I was kind of worried they would only include one (One chair for a table? Still not over it) Am I the only one that is excited to see metal forks? We have no doll sized forks or spoons left.
Science Fair Set $32
image credit American Girl    
I love this set, it makes me want one of my dolls to be at least somewhat interested in astronomy, can't you just imagine a telescope in a dolls bedroom and the awesome shots of the doll looking through it at night? (Don't know if the photos would turn out that good.)  I wish that the telescope was not entirely made out of plastic. The trifold could be easily recreated.  
Hot Lunch Set $28
Hot Lunch Set  
image credit American Girl    
This looks more appetizing than any school lunch I have ever seen ;) I like the assortment of food. A metal fork!!!  
Sports Storage Bench $48
Sport Storage Bench  
image credit American Girl    
I think this was the missing piece that My AG did not have, an assorted sports set. I am really glad they released this as I think unless you only play a very specific sport like basketball or soccer American Girl does not sell a outfit for it. I love the jump rope and the football, something I don't think AG has ever sold. The bat is really cute. From the picture the storage bench looks really small and completely made out of plastic.   
Sparkle Sneakers $14
image credit American Girl    
The price is expensive, when you could get an outfit for maybe more than double the price of the shoes, I like the design of the shoes but this looks like the glitter kind that does fall off.   
Shearling Boots $16 
Shearling Boots  
image credit American Girl    
Doll sized Uggs? Yes please. In fact, I know just who these boots will belong to :)   
Sparkle Socks and Leggings $12 
image credit American Girl   
I find it funny that for $12 you can get leggings and two pairs of socks but for $14 you can only get a pair of shoes. I am not a fan of this set, from store photos the leggings look very thin and I really don't like the cropped legging look.   
Tweed Drivers Cap $10
image credit American Girl    
I love this style of hat! The fabric is very busy so choosing an outfit that looks good with it would be hard. I am curious to see what it looks like in person.  
Fedora $10
image credit American Girl     
I love this style of hat too, I am really excited that this is available as I missed out on the Sunny Isle one from last year. (And it's blue!)   
Sparkle Beanie $10
image credit American Girl      
I might be tempted to get this as I have the exact same one, just so I could match...   
Basketball Outfit $34
Basketball Outfit 
image credit American Girl      
I am so glad this is not pink or red. Finally! A realistic basketball outfit with black socks :)  
Mod Monster Costume $34
Mod Monster Costume 
image credit American Girl     
I feel like in a few years this will be the next Sparkle Mermaid costume from Pleasant Company :) I really like the dress, except for the spider on the corner, this dress could have looked great as just a modern everyday dress for dolls except they had to put that spider in the corner. The necklace is genius. I really don't know what to say about the felt wig...  
Sparkle Sweater Outfit $30
image credit American Girl      
I think I set a record for typing the word "sparkle" numerous times today ;) Each piece looks great separately but together it just looks crazy. The colors do not coordinate very well but I want each piece! I really like the sweater, just because is always nice to have and the skirt is so cute, I love the embroidery around the pockets. But the most wanted piece is the boots, they are purple and have coral laces! AG describes them as "funky."  
Flip Top Desk $58
image credit American Girl   
I like this desk better than the previous one but I hate that the chair is connected to the desk. Not much else is new.   
Terrier Puppy $28 
Terrier Puppy 

image credit American Girl  
Another dog. With only one cat in the current selection I am so sad to see that only another dog is in this release. The dog is cute though :)  
Stylin Bangs $20

image credit American Girl   
I can see the many problems that come with this, first, the fringe is too long for short haired dolls which looks awkward and second, on  long haired dolls (curly hair,too) this would be hard to pull off. So unless you have a medium length layered haired doll it would be hard to style it so it would blend in seamlessly with the dolls hair. (Don't get me started that none of these matches #61's hair color)  
But the store pictures I must say are very cute, and the concept of giving your doll temporary bangs (because who really keeps bangs their whole life?) is a cool idea.   
Double Braid Headband $20  
image credit American Girl    
I like the double braid better than the previous one which to me looks a lot larger and you can easily tell it is a headband. This one looks like it lays more flat across the head.  
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  1. Great review! I don't really collect an AG accessories as I think the ones from Target's Our Gen line are so much more reasonably priced. I do think the Fedora hat is pretty cute though as well as the crock pot set!

    1. Our Generations stuff is a lot more reasonably priced! For me the Truly Me line is only if I really, really want something I will buy it, and only if it is on sale because you can always make something or buy it from a different brand like OG!


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