Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Caroline Arrives

Hello! I finally finished taking pictures for Caroline's arrival (2 months later...) and after this I will update the meet the dolls page with her information :)  The first part will be split between Caroline reading the letter Kirsten sent and Kirsten reading the letter Caroline sent. (Sorry if there is confusion.) 
Caroline's P.O.V.
After packing up the few things she owned Caroline read the letter once more, glancing at the last line- "With Love, Kirsten." She imagined a girl her age writing this by candlelight with her older sisters instructing what to say with eager anticipation. 

"I really do hope she gets my letter in return." Caroline thought to herself, nervously smoothing out her dress and straightening her hair, "If not I might come unexpected and it would be a disaster!" 

Caroline reread the letter and, making sure the address was correct, followed the path to her new home. 


Kirsten's P.O.V.  

"What a nice name, Caroline." 
Kirsten was, in fact, sitting at a desk with by candlelight reading the letter from Caroline. She had sent a letter a week ago with introductions and instructions to get to their house and just opened the one in return. It stated that she would arrive in a few days from Sackets Harbor, New York. 

From what Kirsten guessed Caroline was around her age and was from 1812. "Oooh! I love the fashion in that era, I wonder if she will like my new dress..." Kirsten thought, absentmindedly pulling on her hair. Marie Grace and Lindsey were begging to borrow her dress after finishing a Jane Austen novel and insisted on being there to welcome Caroline Abbott when she arrived as they knew the proper manner of introducing oneself. Kirsten laughed at the thought and started planning the welcoming committee. 

A few day's later... 

 Lindsey was rearranging the tea set for what seemed like the third time while "instructing" Mia the proper etiquette they should use. In a few hours they had turned the empty front room into a fancy and sophisticated dining room.  The tea set was one that Caroline had sent ahead, to make sure it would not break and Lindsey wanted her to be reassured it was in the proper care.( Mia was set on it being a dog bowl for Coconut but Lindsey refused. )

"The tablecloth SHOULD be embroidered but unfortunately no one here knows how to. " Lindsey thought, and, when glancing over at Mia and immediately saying to her to put the dog away, "Who knows if Caroline is allergic!" "She will have to get used to it" Mia grumbled and turned to hide the dog. 

Mia was roped into the welcoming committee as Marie Grace had to attend a last minute book club meeting and since she was the oldest doll Kirsten felt like she should come anyway. While she was okay with the task and happy to help she had no idea that she would have to wear a dress. "At least it matches my eyes." Mia frowned, petting the dog.
Kirsten was nervous but remembered fondly her own welcoming party and with a glance that everything was in place she stood, patiently waiting for Caroline. 

A few minutes passed and Lindsey started fretting how the tea would cool off before she arrived when the doorbell rang. They all jumped. 

"I'll get it!" Mia exclaimed to Lindsey and Kirsten while walking quickly around the table and chair, to the door she shouted "Come in!" 
Caroline, finding the door unlocked cautiously opened it and peeked inside."Hello?"

Lindsey was so surprised that she just stood there for a few seconds, trying to remember what she should do first, she finally just gave up and let out a small "Hi!" and reached out to shake Caroline's hand. 

"I'm Caroline Abbott." Caroline replied and gave a small smile to the pink dressed stranger. She was relieved to see Lindsey smile back. Mia walked down the hallway and stretched out her hand to Caroline with a bright smile. 

"Hello! I love your dress." Mia said, and with a glance at Lindsey decided she should introduce them. "This is Lindsey and my name is Mia!" She added "I'm the oldest around here so if you have any questions feel free to ask me!"  
With a "Thanks" and a nod Lindsey led them into the front room, just in time for Kirsten to return. 

"You must be tired, would you like to sit down?" Inquired Lindsey.  Caroline nodded and exclaimed "I love the chair, my papa could make anything out of wood." 
Caroline let Lindsey push her in and thanked her, showering her with compliments on her manners. Lindsey smiled, pleased that her time at the book club payed off.  She motioned for Mia to politely ask if Caroline wanted tea, Mia just gave her a puzzled look but then mischievously smiled as Lindsey let out a frustrated huff. 
"Caroline, would you like some tea?" 
"Of course, you really didn't need to get all dressed up and serve me tea, really. " Caroline replied while Mia gave Lindsey a pleased smile while Caroline continued "Thank you so much for everything.I can't wait to meet everyone!" 
Kirsten was impatiently waiting to introduce herself and, sensing a break in the conversation replied with "They are just as excited to meet you and by the way, my name is Kirsten." 

"I was wondering when I would meet the girl who sent me the letter, you have really nice handwriting!" 
Kirsten shyly smiled and said businesslike " 4 other girls are staying here and you will meet all of them eventually, we have plenty of room but you will have to share a room with Felicity, she will meet you later tonight and help you get settled in. Everything you have sent up earlier is waiting in your room." Caroline was very excited to see her room and the four chattered on excitedly.  
Group Photos! 

 And a few up close shots :)  

I missed creating photo stories, it was so fun to finally finish this one! So recently in the past week finding time to post has been hard but don't worry! I have a lot of posts planned I just need to take pictures and upload them :)A regular posting schedule will be abandoned until Summer ends just because there will be a lot of changes coming up but everything will be worked out once fall comes.  
What is you favorite outfit from this photo story? 
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  1. Hello, Caroline! Everybody looks lovely in period clothes... especially Mia (just don't tell her that!)

    1. Thank you! I would have to agree, it's become my favorite dress for her.

  2. I love this story! And Caroline rocks that dress.

    - Ellie

    1. Thank you! I think it looks even better on her than her meet outfit :)

  3. Cute story. I liked Mia's dress the best.

    -Anna (Dolls Weekly)

  4. Welcome, Caroline! This was such a sweet photo story. The pictures are breathtaking.
    Where did you get Mia's dress? I love it!

    1. Thank you Charlotte for the very sweet comment :) Mia's dress is actually Elizabeth's Summer Gown :)

  5. Ahh I love Caroline! I too miss creating photo stories! They are so much fun to make!! Also I really loved Caroline in that dress!! :D

  6. This is such a cute photostory!! I really loved reading it. :) And the photos you took are just beautiful; they really make the story seem to come alive!

    1. Aww thank you! It was so fun to set up and take pictures :)


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