Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sewing Sunday

Hi! Another forgotten post series :) I found a t-shirt at a thrift store and I instantly knew I wanted to create a dress for a doll out of it. I found this back in January and I finally started to use it this month :) Instead of a dress I decided to  make a skirt out of it, I still have a lot of the shirt left that I can make a dress if I wanted to. It was really easy, I just used the front of the shirt, measured, cut, hemmed the bottom and sewed up the back about 3/4 of the way. I then added from the back of the shirt a white button and loop and hand sewed it onto the skirt.  I love how it turned out and will eventually make a slip for it. (Probably in another 6 months) 

I was trying to use manual mode the other day and changed all the settings in my camera, bad choice because I messed the settings up and I ended up with 1 really dark photo, 1 really bright photo and the third came out semi-okay. Every. Time. Luckily after a few tries I figured it out so the lesson is to never mess with the settings unless you are following instructions or you know what you are doing ;) Plus my camera storage on the computer ran out of space so I have to upload pictures the long way.  
How was your week? 
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  1. Oh dang.
    OH DANG!
    I WANT THAT SO BAD! A dress made of leaves! Exactly what I need for [#61 who is a forest spirit and I still need a name for her]! Will something like this be going on your etsy?

    1. That was my reaction when I saw it! I now kind of want to paint leaves and vines on a dolls legs, (washable of course) when wearing the skirt! I will keep the skirt but I am planning on using the rest to make a dress/skirt, any ideas or styles that you like? I'm at a loss as to what I should do with it.

  2. What an awesome skirt!!! I love that material!! :D

  3. That skirt is really cute! I love the material.

  4. Awesome skirt! I love the material!


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