Friday, February 27, 2015

Review Tuesday.. on a Friday

Hi! This week I wasn't able to post the review on Tuesday.. So I finally had a chance to post it today. Today's review is on Rebecca's Robe and Slippers that retails for $24. I love that this outfit is blue considering most of Rebecca's collection mainly consist of purple.  

I love these slippers! 

 The slippers are very cute, they are made out of thin felt. 
 The pompom's are very cute! Look! No huge AG ego tag :)

 The main part of the robe is made out of a flannel type of fabric with a satin trim and frog closures. 
 The pocket is very cute and the pattern on the fabric matches up perfectly. 
 I have never seen frog closures before, great design element. 
 Inside of the robe..
 This looks like hand stitching to me! :)
 The sash is stitched at the sides and can be tied into a bow. 
Overall this is a great addition to Rebecca's wardrobe and goes perfectly with Rebecca's Pajamas.  
Thanks for looking, 
Polka Dot Bee


  1. Amazing review! That set is so cute! I love the little slippers! :)

    1. Thank you! The slippers remind me of Tinkerbell :)

  2. Thanks for the review! I love her panamas!

    1. Your welcome! I wish the pajamas and robe were bundled with a lower price though :)

  3. Loved this review!! I like how the slippers don't have the AG logo, I agree with you when you say its like an ego tag :/

    1. Thank you! I really don't think it is necessary to have the name "American Girl" all over the outfit either :)


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