Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Review Tuesday

Today's Review is on the My AG Purple Peacock Pajamas. This outfit is still currently available for $24 although on Cyber Monday I was able to buy it at $12.  When I started collecting American Girl again that was one of my first outfit's to add to my wishlist, not only do I love peacocks but the color palette of the pajamas is so charming.  Overview- 

 The top features a peacock print with the American Girl tag on the front in a contrasting color. 

The top closes in back with purple Velcro, I think the top is very well made and the print is very cute. 
 The pant's are cropped which I think gives the look of too small pajama pants.. 

The pant's feature a matching American Girl tag on the side of the right leg, I don't like the cropped look but overall they are very cute and simple.   

 I think the slippers are the best part, on each is a embroidered design featuring three blue sequins, the shoes are easy to get on although the doll is hard to balance on a flat surface standing. 
Tucked inside one of the slippers is a very large American Girl tag.  Hairbands-
The hairbands are the standard AG size, if you wrap them around the hair multiple times they look bulky and out of scale. I was only able to find one... 
Overall this is still one of my favorites although Grace's Pajamas are the best. I think for $12 you can't go wrong and if they ever put them on sale again they are a great deal.  
Thanks for looking, 
Polka Dot Bee


  1. Awesome review! Those PJ's are really cute! :)

  2. Great review! I love those pajamas and they look awesome on Rebecca!:)

    1. I agree, Rebecca look's great in jewel tones :)


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