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Thoughts on Maryellen

I bet most of your doll blog feed the past few days is full of Maryellen this and Maryellen that, and that is exactly what this post is about! So, if you are interested in reading my thoughts on the most recent release, click on the link to take you to this post :)   
Maryellen Larkin $115  
Accessories $24
image credit American Girl 
Here she is! The doll herself. When I originally saw the released photos I recognized how similar she looked to Mia! Same (almost) hazel eyes, face mold, light skin and strawberry blonde wig. Just add freckles, a different hairstyle and you have my Mia! The embroidered "M" can even pass for Mia. I really love her dress, I have a weakness for anything mint and the candy striped dress with adorable bows and dainty pearls is a hit. Of course the doll is cute, the doll wouldn't have made it past the prototype stage is she wasn't, although there isn't anything amazingly special about her. (Ok, I guess that is why in her book she wants to stand out,but!) IF I ever bought her she would probably be Mia's twin, but, I am happy to have Mia as my stand in Maryellen for now.  
Maryellen's Pajamas $24  
Maryellen's Hairstyling Set $20
image credit American Girl 
The pajamas are not my favorite, she looks kind of like a mushroom top but at least they are not as terrible as the purple/pink atrocity that is Rebecca's new pajamas.(Sorry if I sound really harsh, her pajamas were just a big disappointment to me) I do like the print and the green!  
The hairstyling set is unique and fun, I always love doll sized replicas of what they used in the era. I want to know if it actually works! It's also fun that the set is interactive, you actually get to do something with the hair and can be used with other curly haired dolls! The price is reasonable and compared to other Beforever sets (i.e. Caroline's Hairstyling Set) you get your moneys worth.   
Maryellen's Sofa Bed Set $150
image credit American Girl  
I think it's really cool how you get the bed and couch in one, something different than the typical bedroom set (not that I don't like a pricey bed!) It gives me hope that AG will branch out and give us more historical kitchen sets. The couch is great for space saving, not enough room for another bed in the dollhouse but desperately need a doll couch? Sofa bed to the rescue. I think the colors are a bit obnoxious, definitely not great for a modern living room setup but cute and realistic to the era.  
Maryellen's Dog Scooter $22
image credit American Girl  
I think $22 is a somewhat reasonable price although I admit I was disappointed in how he looks, I wish his eyes were not embroidered but other than that a great accessory to her collection, I just wish we had more options of cats.   
Maryellen's Living Room Set $58 
image credit American Girl  
A great addition to the collection but I wish it came with more, 5 pieces in a $58 set which contains mainly plastic and paper just doesn't seem worth the price. I have to agree, I first thought the poodle was wearing a batman mask!  
Maryellen's Television Console $85
image credit American Girl 
I really like how interactive this set it is, which makes it a lot more fun and creative than just watching the same pre-set shows over and over again. What I don't like is how plastic everything is! From pictures it looks to be made out of plastic, although I might be wrong. I also hate how the encyclopedias can't even come out and are set into the tv! The bonsai tree has very little detail but I love the record players!  
Maryellen's Poodle Skirt Outfit $36
image credit American Girl 
My first thought was, of course! but I realized how cute it is! I never thought she would look great in pink but she does! I also have a weakness for circle skirts, and doll sized ones make it even more tempting. Very cute and well executed but it makes me wonder what it would look like if it were only blue...  
Maryellen's Diner Set $275
image credit American Girl  
I love how versatile and easily storeable this set is. The details on it are so cute and a great addition. I just love how you can move it around so it can fit where you want it to. The detail in the food, however, is lacking. I do like how the burger is not clumped together (something you would not want in a diner, where a girl actually wants to "cook" the dolls food the way they want it) and yet the pancakes, egg and sausage is clumped. I would really like to get this, someday if it goes on sale! 
Maryellen's Jukebox $90 
image credit American Girl 
I like the jukebox and how interactive it is, definitely an incentive to check out songs from that era! And have fun while playing dolls or taking pictures! I really like how it lights up.   
Maryellen's Birthday Dress $34
image credit American Girl  
With all of the gorgeous 50's dresses I have pinned to my fashion board this dress seems drab in comparison. I feel like the fabric they chose makes it look "cheap" and not worth the price. The color does look nice on her and hey, more green! Too bad I won't buy it.  
Maryellen's School Outfit $32
image credit American Girl 
I really do like how Maryellen has variation within her collection, not all just one color! (Rebecca!) but after seeing 5hensandacockatiels (link!)  school outfit she made for Maryellen this dress doesn't hold a candle to it.  
Maryellen's Classroom Set $40
image credit American Girl 
More plastic, more paper. I wish the easel was wood! I think it's cute if you want to set up a classroom for your one and only student Maryellen but I would rather have cute school accessories for her! Maryellen's Play Outfit $28  

image credit American Girl 
I think the outfit is cute! I don't really have anything else to say but everything goes really well together.  
Maryellen's Ice Skating Outfit $36 
Maryellen's Ice Skating Accessories $24
image credit American Girl 
Hmm... so Maryellen and Mia also have something else in common, they love to ice skate! Also I find it funny Mia's bedroom set was also something out of the ordinary, her bed could turn into a couch, coincidence? I may have to buy this for Mia! The ice skates are too precious. I love the hat, I think the dress looks great with the accessories, they really complete the outfit.   
Maryellen's Crinoline $16
image credit American Girl 
I always love when they add something like this to a dolls collection, that adds detail. A great addition for those of us who don't want to sew rows of gathered tulle to make a dress retain it's shape.  
This was going to be a combined post with the Truly Me release but I ran out of time! 
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  1. Is iceskating a hobby of her's?

  2. Hmm, so Maryellen is Mia's looks and hobbies with Lindsey's personality... sigh. At least some of her stuff is cute, although some of it (cough cough tv and birthday dress cough cough) seems really cheap to me. I do like her pjs and the idea behind her bed!

  3. Great post! I love Maryellen and I really want her! I have to say that I don't like how they are embroidering the pet's eyes lately either! They look cheesy now! They would look a lot more realistic if they had the black ball eyes!


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