Saturday, August 22, 2015

Libby Travels

Finally a time to post! I know, it's been almost a week and unfortunately for the next week or so posts are still going to be sparse. I have a goal of 2 posts on here and 1 post on Seven Bloggers and Their Dolls but no promises! While on the drive out and after I managed to take a few pictures of Libby and uploaded them. Trying to find nice places to take pictures is going to be an adventure, one that will hopefully be a success! 

She is such a photogenic doll,really. I wish I had bought her sooner! Looking through everyone's pictures of different hairstyles on her really makes me want to take her braid out,  I think I will keep it in for now but I want to try a few!   
Favorite picture?
Thanks for looking!,   


  1. Beautiful photos! And congratulations on Libby! (sorry, it's taken so long for me to say so! X))

  2. Great pics! My faves are the first and third ones :)

  3. my favorite pictures are the 1st and 3rd. Awesome photography!!!!

  4. I LOVE these photos! They're so awesome and Libby looks so pretty!!

    - Ellie

  5. I love these pictures! Libby is so cute! My favorites are the last few!:)

  6. Picture 7 is my favorite, but they are all nice. They really show just how blue her eyes are.

  7. Awesome pictures! I love the last one!


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