Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Review Tuesday

Bundled with TM #61 from the most recent Jill's Steals and Deals came the Soft as Snow outfit and Rainy Day Coat. I now have two Rainy Day coats and only just now have I realized what I should use them for- one for Lindsey and one for (future) Grace ;) I thought I reviewed this raincoat before when I bought it as a purchase with purchase almost a year ago but I'm too lazy to look through each Review Tuesday post to find it. Onto the review! 

Lindsey decided to model the coat for me today.

The pockets unfortunately are fake and cannot be used to store any doll sized treasures.

Near the hem of each sleeve is a matching pink grosgrain ribbon which is sewed securely on.

The white belt loop is plastic although the plastic is very sturdy. 

Upclose of the working pink buttons. 

Side detail of the raincoat.

The belt cannot be removed as it is stitched at the center back of the coat. 

You can see the grosgrain ribbon on the shoulder seam of  the coat and the cute collar!

The inside of the coat, which is not fully lined...

And of course the tag, hey the pink text matches the coat! 

And the outside of the coat not on a doll. 

A white and pink tag on the side of it..

I know what the word is for this "flap" but I can't remember it! Of course Google helped, it's called a back vent!

The coat buttoned and belted.

Under the storm flap (something else I learned!) Is another button.

The storm flap

I think this is a great raincoat for the price of $14 (now on sale here) but for the original price of $24 it can be pricey, especially because the rain boots and umbrella come separately. The coat is really well made and the attention to detail to make this look realistic is truly amazing. Lindsey was just modeling it as it is but an outfit under the raincoat can be too bulky(depending on which outfit you use), the raincoat does easily fit a Pleasant Company doll without any problems. I love the fit and style of the coat. A few suggestions to make this coat even better would be- real pockets, metal button loop and certainly no pink ;) Overall a 3.9/5 stars. 
Thanks for looking!, 


  1. I've wanted that coat (but also the boots and umbrella) and now more than ever. :)
    I do wish the pockets would open, tho.

  2. WHAT?! You can unbutton the storm flap?! HOW did I not know this?! I have this coat!! I need to go grab my coat now! XD

  3. Great review! I love this coat! I'm so glad it's on sale :-)


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