Thursday, October 2, 2014

Quick Craft

Hi! Since I found that cute doll sized wreath I wanted to create another one, their is just something so fun about a doll sized wreath! :) We stopped in a Michael's today and I found these small leaves for $1! They were 50% and had about 40 leaves in them and I knew they would be perfect for this craft. 
Cardboard (preferably thin like cereal boxes) 
Glue Gun and Glue (or just regular glue) 
Leaves (can be scrapbook paper, or fake leaves)  

*Before you do anything plug in the glue gun* 
Cut out your cardboard base by tracing something round and then cutting it out.  
Fold the circle in half 
In half again 
Cut an arc at the tip of it to create a smaller circle in the middle 
Its okay if it isn't perfect, you're leaves will cover it up :) 

I forgot to plug in my glue gun so while I was waiting for it to heat up I played around with the leaves ... 

Glue the leaves onto the cardboard base, doesn't matter how you put it on 
Almost done.. 
Done! This takes approximately 20 leaves, so you have another 20 to do whatever you want with  :) 
Now decorate it with whatever you want (twigs, berries, small acorns) Happy Fall!  
                           Polka Dot Bee


  1. Awesome! might have to try this! thanks for the awesome craft inspiration!
    Happy October!

  2. This is so cute and your instructions were so simple/easy to follow! I definitely want to try and make this! =D

  3. Great fall craft! Looks fun and easy. Thanks for the tutorial.


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