Thursday, October 9, 2014

My AG Release

The long awaited holiday release is here! Here are my thoughts- 
$24 Fair Isle Pajamas 
This very cute! A little too much pink, I would have liked something more Christmas but at least they did not raise the prices ;) 
$76 Hit The Slopes Collection  
Did they really have to put AG all over the coat? Like the pink doesn't give it away ;) Cute for dolls who like skiing, a little too pricey but at least you can buy it separately 
 $44 Sparkly Skating Set 
Cute, at least they did blue for a change, it look's like they are trying to imitate Elsa 
$66 Pretty Pink Riding Outfit and Helmet
 The outfit alone costs $42... 
$54 Western Plaid Outfit and Hat
 I think this is really cute! I like the plaid and the boots are a nice touch.. 
$136 Prancing Horse and Saddle Set 
I really like the horse, the fur around the hooves is nice, the saddle is a nice color, they could have made the ribbon blue, it would tie in to the turquoise..  
$38 Winter White Outfit 
Wow, umm.... it has a lot of mix and match pieces? 
$32 Holiday Accessories  
I wish the chocolates were separate from the box. I like the bracelet and I love the ornament, we have a tradition of making an ornament for every year :) The shrug is cute.. 

$36 Happy Holiday Dress 
This looks really nice on #61! This is definitely one of my favorites. They could have done something a little different for the shoes though, haven't they done flats with little box on them multiple times? Worth the money.. 
$36 Silver Shimmer Dress 
Cute! I'm glad they strayed away from red this year but couldn't they have done green? Red and green go hand in hand, oh well, at least you can use both dresses for New Years Eve and Hanukkah! 
$275 Pretty City Carriage 
Very Cute! Although, for $275 I would rather buy Isabelle's studio or Samantha's Ice Cream Parlor because they have a  lot more play-ability.  
Thanks for looking, What do you think of the holiday releases? 
                                                                    Polka Dot Bee


  1. Wow! We have the exact same opinions! My favorite items are the western plaid outfit and the happy holiday dress. :)

    ~ Mint

    1. Those are some of the best in this release :)


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