Sunday, March 6, 2016


Long time no see! I feel like these past few months have been so busy, but, in just  few short weeks the musical will be done with and I can go back to my regularly scheduled life. ahhh...I can't wait to spend more time blogging and sewing!  
Mia, you might know, was my first doll and my first introduction with AG. In just 2 months Mia will be 8 years old! After organizing my doll clothes better I came across Mia's Performance Outfit that I was gifted at American Girl Chicago. I thought it was only fitting to do a photoshoot with Mia before the snow melted!

I originally planned on taking pictures at a frozen pond but all of the ice was melted by then. I didn't realize most of these pictures came out so dark until after I uploaded them,oops! 
Have a great Sunday and thanks for looking!, 


  1. Mia is so pretty! I recently discovered your blog and love it. :)

    -Clara <3

  2. Very cute outfit! Mia looks amazing "for her age" lol. I never realized her hair was so light!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I don't mind the darkness, I think it makes her dress pop all the more. I always wish I'd gotten that dress and her bedroom set.

    Ellie | The Dolls of 221B

  4. I JUST discovered your blog, and Mia is amazingly beautiful.

  5. These pictures are so pretty!

  6. Your photos are amazing, Mia looks so pretty!! :)

  7. I LOVE these photos! Mia looks so pretty!:)

  8. Ahh I am loving your blog! This is too adorable, the photos are en pointe! <3
    ~Mak {AGPathfindersProductions} <3

  9. Wow!! These are stunning! I really love the last one! :)

  10. Stunning pictures! I love the 6th!


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