Saturday, April 9, 2016


FINALLY, yes, finally, I am back. It's been a month (a month?!) since I have posted on here.  
A little update:  
The musical was a great success and was a really fun experience to be a part of but i'm glad its over with. I never really knew how much I would miss blogging. Looking back at last year its crazy to see how much I have grown and improved! Right now I am on Spring break and i'm using this time to clean, organize and work on finishing the dollhouse and sewing room.  
I don't have very many posts ready, or planned, for that matter, but I want to work on that. In all honesty, I really like using Instagram better than Blogger just because its much easier to use and compared to our small group of doll bloggers here their are thousands on Instagram.  
I've thought seriously whether or not I should stop continuing this blog but I decided against it. Still, I want more time to enjoy my dolls and have time to sew and craft stuff for them.  
So, this is going to be my only blog and I have also decided that posts will be either once a week or monthly. I'm choosing quality over quantity and more time to create a fun blog post on my own time will benefit both me and this blog!  
So weekly posts might go like this-  
Fun find/ and or craft   
Dollhouse photostory/tour       
I also recently made a Ever After High room using this tutorial, it turned out so cute! Right now my sisters Madeline Hatter is using it but I hope to get my own EAH doll soon.          

And to not leave you picture-less here are a few of my recent photos I edited in Lightroom. 
Thanks for looking!, 
Polka Dot Bee 123 

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Long time no see! I feel like these past few months have been so busy, but, in just  few short weeks the musical will be done with and I can go back to my regularly scheduled life. ahhh...I can't wait to spend more time blogging and sewing!  
Mia, you might know, was my first doll and my first introduction with AG. In just 2 months Mia will be 8 years old! After organizing my doll clothes better I came across Mia's Performance Outfit that I was gifted at American Girl Chicago. I thought it was only fitting to do a photoshoot with Mia before the snow melted!

I originally planned on taking pictures at a frozen pond but all of the ice was melted by then. I didn't realize most of these pictures came out so dark until after I uploaded them,oops! 
Have a great Sunday and thanks for looking!, 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sewing Sunday

 This Sewing Sunday I turned a girl's dress into a cute doll dress. I couldn't resist the cute fox print and Rebecca insisted on modeling it for me. 
 Rebecca looks so sweet here!
I originally planned on leaving Rebecca's hair down but recently her hair has a lot of flyaways so I decided to put her hair into a ponytail- and I love the result!  
What have you been sewing (or admiring ) recently? 
Thanks for looking!, 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Maisey's OOTD

I didn't plan on this being an outfit of the day post but it fit Maisey's personality. This was my first time making the Liberty Jane baseball t-shirt pattern, and I love it! 

Flower Crown: Claire's 
Baseball T-shirt: Made by me! 
Jeans: AG 
Shoes: AG 
Maisey really does look great in everything (so far) I have tried on her! I really love how cute she looks with flowers in her hair, it suits her perfectly.   
Do you like OOTD? Should I do more?  
Thanks for looking!, 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sewing Sunday

 Hi! I feel like it's been so long since a Sewing Sunday post has appeared here, so I felt like it was time for another one. Yesterday I listed two new items in my shop, one dress and a sweater! I haven't had much time lately to sew or blog but I was able, thanks to a 3 day weekend, catch up on blog posts and spend a little time sewing. 

I absolutely love this fabric, a lightweight knit that looks great on dolls. This was so much fun to make and for some reason this looks like a dance outfit to me. 

Using upcycled materials I made this cute knit sweater, perfect for cold winter days, I love the stretch knit lace! 
So it looks like for now 1 post a week here is about all of the extra time I have. Thankfully my daily schedule is straightening out and I can balance schoolwork, the musical,dance and sewing/blogging better! Hopefully whenever I have extra time I can squeeze an extra post in now and then. 
Thanks for looking!, 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Charlotte's Sweater

With a bit of Christmas money I purchased a doll sweater from urimori, who also runs a blog here. When it arrived Charlotte instantly claimed it, and you can see why below- 

I love this hairstyle!

Can I please have this sweater in my size?  
I love the materials used to create this piece such as Italian wool and, of course, the adorable faux suede in chestnut brown! Did I mention that it's super soft?  
I think I might just have caught the Etsy bug ^-^ 
Thanks for looking!,